Which Office Layout Is Right For Your Business?

Office layouts have traditionally looked pretty similar with the same desks in repetitive lines separated by departments. The era of paper-based offices however are dying out and the new era of portable technology is growing with a wireless network. Without the need for a central desktop with wires needing to be discretely hidden, we now have more opportunity to shape the office environment.

With this new opportunity to redesign the office space we are going to take a look into the three best office layouts linear, radial and organic.

Linear Layout

A traditional layout with areas and departments arranged in sequence, often in straight lines this is an often favoured layout within established departments.


A modern structure with areas and departments arranged in a circle from a central point of focus. A common layout within publications and marketing businesses which require a keystone figure to monitor the full process.


A fluid and more flexible structure that reflects the people who use the space and how they use it as opposed to the building itself or a company structure.

Now you’ve seen all the main options, it’s time to reflect on what office layout will work best for you. Every team is different so consider all the above but keep your specific requirements in mind. What works for one office may not work for another.

Whether you have dozens of employees or work from home by yourself, setting up an efficient, personal workspace is one of the best things you can do for your productivity and mental well-being.

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