What is Office Dilapidation: When Do You Need It?

There is no doubt that the pandemic has brought a tremendous impact on businesses. To cope with the situation, companies are now adopting the work-from-home setup. This move is not only helpful in eliminating the possibility of virus transmission, but it also keeps businesses striving while waiting for the time that everyone can go back to their offices again.

Since many changes happened, many are also looking for ways to downsize or use a more flexible approach in how they run their business. Many owners and employees have embraced and enjoyed the benefits of working from home. Thus the need for a physical office is becoming less important. While for others, especially for businesses whose work-from-home setup is not suitable, a larger or redesigned office is needed to embrace the new normal.

If your business is to adopt a work-from-home set up or move to a larger or smaller office space, now is the best time to have all of the works done. To start, you will need to undergo office dilapidation.

What is office dilapidation?

Commercial Painters Office dilapidation is the process of performing repairs and other required works to return a commercial space to its original condition. Before moving into your office, you may have made a few changes to the workspace to make it suitable for your business needs. As your leasing term ends, your landlord might require you to take off all the changes you made and return the space to its original condition so you can retain your deposit.

Whatever changes you have made in your leased commercial space, whether it is structural or cosmetic, you need to adhere to the dilapidation clause stated in your agreement before returning it to your landlord.

Suppose you have been leasing a commercial office. In that case, you might need to get office dilapidation sooner or later, as your lease comes to an end.

How dilapidation is done

As your lease nears its end, your landlord will appoint a surveyor to assess the property’s condition and determine the type and extent of the dilapidation to be performed.

If the dilapidation work is not as extensive and requires only a few repairs and redecoration, you can decide to handle the process in-house. However, in many cases, you might need professional contractors to carry out the work.

As the end of your lease approaches, give yourself or the contractors enough time to perform the dilapidation work. This will ensure that the process is performed correctly, with as minimal to zero mistakes as possible.

Office Dilapidation Services

At Wallace Contracts, our team of office dilapidation specialists has years of experience in working with different sizes of dilapidation projects. We’ve been in the trade for many years, and we guarantee top-notch services that you can rely on.
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Areas We Cover


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