Warehouse Office Refurbishment

The first half of 2018 was a very successful year for Wallace Contracts as we gained a number of high profile distribution centres requiring refurbishment of their office areas. With the growth of our client base within the distribution sector we have seen first-hand the positive impact a facelift can make on a workspace. Whether it’s simply decorations, new lighting and flooring or a complete reconfiguration of the office area. An office area, business, industrial or educational environment that has been refurbished and tailored to the staff and the company brand is an infinitely more productive place and can have a positive impact on your long term success. Here are just some of the reasons why a warehouse office refurbishment can help your business.

Increased Staff Productivity

The working week is usually between 35 and 40 hours, it’s important to ensure that the office space we are working in is good environment which encourages productivity. If you are happy to invest in improving your working environment then it gives a clear indication that you value your staff and your business.

Additional space

Have you ever considered how much of the space in your office could be being wasted? As your company grows you may find the need to make extra room for growth of your workforce. An office refurbishment may allow you to make the most out of existing work space without the costly expense of finding new premises.

Health & Safety

Having an out of date, and slightly worn office environment might also mean that you may have become complacent about health and safety throughout the space. General wear and tear can have an impact on the quality of a working environment and therefore create health and safety risks. Revamping your business makes it a safer and more enjoyable place to work in.

Green Thinking

Office buildings have a large impact on the environment both in their construction and operation, show your competitors and clients your environmental credentials. Buildings are the largest consumer of energy and therefore a significant contributor to the emission of greenhouse gas and waste. A good office design can minimise the impact of a building on the environment.

Create a new boardroom

The boardroom is where important ideas are debated, interviews conducted and discussions on business performance take place. This is a space that needs to be both stimulating and relaxing, create a unique space where management teams can plan the future of your business for long periods of time in comfort.
An office refurbishment for your warehouse could be the ideal solution to increase productivity and improve your overall working environment, contact Wallace Contractors today to see how we can help your business.