Use These Colours to Transform Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the hub of a home. This is where we gather together to share sumptuous meals and create meaningful memories together by cooking and preparing meals as a family. The kitchen is also where we bring our friends and guests to share meals and good stories.  If you have been getting tired of your old kitchen design, it is time to show your kitchen some love by transforming it into a new welcoming space that you, your family, and guests will love spending time in.  There are plenty of ways and design selections for a modern kitchen. But in this article, we will share a few colour schemes that you can use to transform your kitchen.  
  • Brave Ground 
Dulux Colour of the Year for 2021, Brave Ground, is one of the most versatile colors to match with any other colours. This neutral shade with a warm undertone will make a great option when repainting your old cabinets or shades. With this colour, your kitchen will look like an entirely new space without the need to redo the whole area.   
  • Pastel 
If you want your new space to look minimalistic and elegant simultaneously, pastel colours are your best options. These muted tones will make a good choice if you don’t want your kitchen to look flashy. You can achieve a warm and modern kitchen space by pairing pastel colours with rustic accessories, minimalist furniture, and darker accents.   
  • Dark Purple 
For a unique and modern-looking kitchen space, dark purple is your way to go. This bold colour palette blends perfectly with complementary shades. You can use it to accentuate neutral colours, making your kitchen look unique yet not overwhelming.   
  • Olive green 
One of the most versatile colours on the planet, there are plenty of design selections to go with the green colours. For example, you can create a timeless kitchen design by pairing the colour green with pastel or any other shades of colours.   
  • Vibrant green 
If you want a kitchen space that catches attention and makes an outstanding first impression on guests, adding a touch of vibrant shade of green on a corner or accessories is the easiest way to pull it off. Aside from being a head-turner, the vibrant green colour can also help you relax and focus, perfect for those who enjoy preparing meals after a tiring long day at work.   
  • Teal 
Teal has been a popular choice as a kitchen colour these days, especially for creating a bold style statement. This rich dark tone can create an elegant and warm kitchen atmosphere when accentuated with gold and metallic decorations.   
  • Soft Grey 
If you want to transform your kitchen into a stylish and simple space, you can never go wrong with soft grey. This calming colour palette looks best when paired with bright accessories and white shelves and cabinets.   
  • Warm yellow 
If you want to show your creativity and cheerfulness in your kitchen space, you can easily show it off by adding bright, warm yellow colour on your kitchen accessories and accents. To make it stand out, you can pair this vibrant colour with light and dark colour combinations, such as white and dark grey.   
  • Monochrome 
The combination of white, black, and metallic colours can create a modern yet classic look. If you want to go for a classic and elegant look for your kitchen space, bringing in metallic accessories to match your white walls and black furniture is the sure way to do that.    
  • Wood tones 
Since time immemorial, wooden features have been the staple of kitchen decoration. However, in this modern time, you can still embrace the old-fashioned way of decorating using wooden features while adding some modern touches, such as painting knobs and other accents with white and adding metallic arts to complement your wooden countertops or shelves.   
  • Light pink 
Using light dusky pink paint on your walls is another way to give your kitchen a fresh new look. Create a lovely and elegant kitchen space that you and your family would love to spend time in by adding rustic accessories and wooden and metallic accents to pair with your pink walls. 
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