Tips in Selecting the Right Paint Colour for Your Commercial Space

Your office environment plays a huge role in your work performance. Aside from the decors, the paint colour affects your mood, which in turn affects your productivity. Since different types of industries and brands use their colour pattern, the colours that boost productivity in certain offices might now work in other offices. The amount of natural light that goes inside, as well as the size and shape of your office also influence the effectiveness of the colour you are going to use.

Does the fact above make it harder for you to decide in selecting your office’s new paint colour? This article will help you out. Below are some of the things to consider when shopping for the right paint colour for office spaces.

Consider your space’s purpose

The colour you choose for your office space can help you achieve your business objectives. This is the reason why you have to determine your space’s purpose first before choosing the colour. Certain colours fit only certain industries and can be incompatible with others.

Are you in the retail industry? Bold and striking colours could be a perfect choice as they can catch customers’ attention. As for businesses with a professional environment like offices, gray, white, and other understated colours will work best.

Consider how much light enters your space

Light has the capability of changing the appearance of some colours, which is why you have to check the amount of natural light that goes inside your office space. If little to no light is coming in, you can consider lighter tones of paint. As for spaces that received a huge amount of natural light, darker tones are the best choice.

Consider the size of your commercial space

Tight spaces need lighter shades of colours to look larger. As for huge spaces, you can make it look warm and comfy by using darker shades.

Consider the room’s temperature

The paint colour also works hand-in-hand with the room’s temperature. If you want to cool down your office space, using lighter tones such as light blue and green can help you achieve this goal. Should you want to warm up your office, either of the colours orange, yellow, and red will make a perfect choice.

Consider getting help from experts

At Wallace Contracts, we can help you make the best decision in choosing your office space’s paint colour. Our specialists have decades of experience in helping businesses and individuals choose the perfect colours for their spaces.

Give us a call to discuss your options with our painting and decorating specialists.