Spruce Up Your Little Living Room with These Helpful Tips 

Sometimes, decorating a small living room can be tricky. The lack of space and awkward corners make it pretty challenging to decide on the layout and design and figure out which part to change. But since the living room is the center of the house and your social space where you receive guests, it is crucial to make the space welcoming and comfortable.   If you are running out of ideas on updating and improving your living room, here are simple and practical ideas to help you achieve a stunning living room design. 
  • Use angled tables for awkward spaces 
Round tables take a lot of space, thus it is not advisable to use in small areas. Instead, exchange your round tabletop with an angled table as it can provide you with more space in your living room. 
  • Use shelves for storage 
To avoid clutter and save space, you can incorporate shelves as storage for your decors and possessions. This will make your living room more spacious, especially if you paint the shelves with the same paint colour you used on you walls. 
  • Consider swapping your sofa with armchairs 
Since sofas take a lot of space, they are less suitable for smaller areas. So instead of using sofas, consider using armchairs instead. They do not only provide more floorspace, but they are also flexible, so you can rearrange them from time to time. 
  • Use a white colour palette 
Since the white colour reflects more light, your small living room will look more spacious. However, to avoid a plain-looking living room, you can use monochromatic accessories and decorations. 
  • Go for soft grey colour 
If using white colour is not to your liking, soft grey colour is another excellent choice. Adding a blue undertone to accentuate the soft grey wall will create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, and will make your living room more welcoming no matter what time of the day. 
  • Use a large soft rug 
Using a soft and large rug is an excellent way to bring a warm and cosy atmosphere to your living room. It can also make your guests more relaxed and comfortable.  
  • Make use of the windows properly 
Bringing in natural light does not only create a comfortable living room, but it also promotes good health. When decorating your living room, make sure that the windows are free of clutters that could prevent bright light from coming in. 
  • Consider metallic decorations 
Using well-chosen gold accents and metallic accessories will not only make your living room look elegant, but it can also create a brighter atmosphere.  
  • Use low seating sofas or chairs 
Using low seating furniture will make a great choice if your home has a low ceiling. This will maximise your living room’s headspace and will make it look more spacious.    Need help in transforming your living room? Call our office today and get more information on how we can help you with your refurbishment project. Our telephone number 01782 810 220 is open to taking calls during weekdays. You may email enquiries@wallacecontractsltd.com to get in touch with us through email. You can also utilise the contact form and Facebook chat available on this website to contact us.