School Refurbishment – What are the benefits?

Aside from the teachers and their fellow students, a good and comfortable classroom also significantly affects their mental health and academic performance which is vital this year after the mental health impact on the current COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing some of these benefits will convince you to get started with your renovation project while waiting for the in-school learning to return. 
  • Positive impact on students’ academic performance 
Most students, especially in primary schools, stay in one classroom throughout the school year. Ensuring that the room is well-designed and comfortable can help the students focus on learning, developing skills, and interacting with each other.  A well-designed school can boost the students’ performance in math, writing, and reading based on a study performedright school environment brings happiness to students and encourages teachers and staff to stay as long as possible.   
  • Encourages group learning 
A classroom designed to promote collaboration among students can help students develop skills that can benefit them in the future, such as self-steem, self-discipline, and open-mindedness. It will also help teachers and staff to identify problems or challenges students face and provide help quickly. 
  • Proper lighting provides physiological benefits 
The classroom’s lighting plays a massive role in the student’s attention and concentration. Aside from the artificial lighting, letting natural light enter the classroom is more beneficial to students. It is the reason why most schools are designed with large windows, not to mention the benefit it brings to the utility bills. 
  • Staff and teacher retention 
In addition to the students’ performance and well-being, one of the benefits of refurbishment is that it helps retain talented teachers and staff for your school. Investing in a refurbishment will not only help you improve your school and the students, but it will also save you from the expenditures and hassle of recruitment. 
  • It can influence parents’ discernment 
One of the critical factors in deciding where to enroll their children is the parent’s impression of the school. Without a doubt, a modern and well-designed school facility can greatly influence both parents and students.    Partnering with school refurbishment specialists that understand the students’ need for a conducive place for learning will help you achieve your goal of improving your school’s environment.     Contact Wallace Contracts Ltd today and learn how our school refurbishment specialists can help you with your project. 
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Areas We Cover


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