Remove Wallpapers Correctly With These Steps

Removing wallpapers is quite a complicated and time-consuming task. We can’t use the one-size-fits-all principle, but using the right tools and right technique is necessary will make the job less daunting and overwhelming. Different types of wallpaper require different types of removal techniques.Those that are laminated coating or vinyl are the most stubborn -They are designed to be washable. Thus water can hardly penetrate them.

Traditional wallpaper

-These are the kind of wallpaper that is untreated or uncoated. It can be scraped off easily after applying water to its surface

Strippable wallpaper

-These are the easiest to remove. You can strip them down without steam or scraping Aside from the type of wallpaper, you should take into consideration the kind of wall your property has


– drywalls are common in homes that are built in the 1950s up to the present times. Removing wallpaper is nearly impossible without damaging the wall as the drywall surface bonds to the wallpaper. It looks thinner and more uniform.

Plaster-built wall

– Before drywalls become used widely in construction because of its durability and cost-effectivity, most walls are made with plasters. Wallpapers in this type of wall is a lot easier than that of the drywall.You can’t be so sure that you have a plaster wall. It must have been changed to drywall after the recent remodeling and renovation project. That is why it is essential to check your walls at home regardless if it is older.Wallpaper Removal Steps Prepare the wall and room by removing wall plates from light switches and outlets. Tape over the outlet and switches to prevent water and moisture from penetrating Lay down an unused cloth or sheet to prevent your floors from getting damaged from wet wallpapers Tape floorboards and wainscoting to prevent damageFor older non-treated wallpaper Fill your garden sprayer with water and wallpaper removal solution, and spray it to the wallpaper Let it soak for 15-20 minutes, then start peeling the paper using a scraper or dull putty knife.For coated wallpaper Scratch the wallpaper using a wallpaper removal tool. This process will allow the steam to work into and behind the wallpaper. Hold the wallpaper steamer against the wall for 15-20 seconds Using a scraper, quickly remove or lift the wallpaper away from the wall Remove any remnants of glue or wallpaper using a large sponge and surface cleaner Wait for your wall to dry before repairing or applying a new paint