Office Refurbishment Wrexham

Rebranding and maximizing the space of your workplace are just two of the reasons why you should put refurbishment into consideration. Although this project takes time, hiring skilled and professional contractors with years of experience working with office refurbishment would save you time and give you the best return on your investment.

In Warrington, one of the most trusted names when it comes to office refurbishment is Wallace Contracts. We’re a group of experienced and highly skilled contractors who provide expert quality and budget-friendly services in refurbishing offices, homes, and other kinds of properties.

Office Refurbishment Experts in Wrexham

Wallace Contracts has long been working on different sizes of household and office refurbishments in Liverpool, Birmingham, and other locations around the UK. From our very humble beginning in the late 70s, we have grown to become one of the most trusted teams of contractors in the industry handling both small and large scale projects for different clients.

Our competence and dedication are second to none, and we can work on strict timelines and live settings without making disruptions to our client’s regular office production. We’ve got a large number of highly skilled contractors to work on various projects so you can be at peace knowing that your project will be completed on time and with the best results. We will also give you regular updates in every milestone achieved by our expert team.

Apart from refurbishing offices and other types of properties, our team offers other top-quality services such as painting and decorating. We also do strip out and alterations for shops and different types commercial buildings. We carry out the removal of signages, old wirings, internal and external decorations, suspending ceilings, and more. We can also perform internal demolition to make your property clean and ready for the next project.

As for our planned maintenance service, our team will ensure that all the critical components of your building such as electrical, plumbing, groundworks and more are in good working condition and safe from accidents and other issues that might occur. Thus, keeping your property and employees safe at all times.

Talk to one of our skilled and friendly staff today via the contact form below or just dial 01782 810 220.

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Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover


For projects over circa £10,000 we offer services Nationwide.