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Improved productivity and beauty are just a few of the benefits of having a refurbished office space. Since you and your employees spend most of your time in the office, it is essential that the environment looks and feels welcoming all the time to ensure the maximum production of your business.

If you want to upgrade and smarten up the look of your office, you should consider having a refurbishment. But to achieve the highest result on your office refurbishment project, have it done by our team of expert contractors at Wallace Contracts. We are among the leading construction companies in Derby and surrounding areas that are known for providing excellent quality service at cost-effective rates.

Stafford’s Office Refurbishment Experts

Wallace Contracts has been working in various types and sizes of refurbishment projects for many decades. A long list of clients has enjoyed the benefits of letting us work on their projects, would it be for their homes or office spaces.

Regardless of your refurbishment plan and requirements, we will help you transform your office within the timescale and with 100% satisfaction. We are used to working in live settings with strict timelines, so you need not worry about the disruption of your business’ regular production. Your project will be handled smoothly and professionally within the scheduled timeframe.

Wallace Contracts is more than just a refurbishment company. We also offer kinds of construction services such as dilapidation, shop fitting, and alterations for commercial and industrial properties. Our team also work on painting and decorating projects for both commercial and household properties. By letting our team handle all these projects, rest assured that you will receive high-quality service in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

Property owners and managers can also enjoy the benefits of hiring our team to conduct planned maintenance of their buildings. We are expert on tending different types of damages that might cause massive loss to property, or fatal accidents in worst cases such as faulty electrical wirings, damaged flooring, plumbing issues, and more. Our team will conduct a detailed check and maintenance service to ensure the safety of your building and everyone working inside.

To learn more details about our office refurbishment service, call 01782 810 220 to talk to one of our experienced staff, or you may send us a message on this site’s contact page or by emailing You can also reach us through Facebook chat found on this website.

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover


For projects over circa £10,000 we offer services Nationwide.