Industrial Refurbishment Derby

A Refurbishment is the best option if you want to improve your property. Unlike rebuilding or extending your warehouse or any other type of industrial building, refurbishing is much quicker and less stressful. It could also help in maximizing the space of the property which is very advantageous for your business’ productivity.

Since industrial refurbishment is a huge project, it is essential to hire only those who are highly trained and expert in the field so you can ensure the completion of your project without delays and issues. At Derby, Wallace Contracts is among the most trusted names when it comes to industrial refurbishments. Our highly skilled team is responsible for turning old and dysfunctional industrial properties into highly productive buildings with quality and eye-catching aesthetics.

Reliable Industrial Refurbishment in Derby

As machine-based manufacturing continue to progress so fast, warehouses and other types of properties used in different industries should also get along with these changes. At Wallace Contracts, we understand our industrial clients’ need for updated and aesthetically pleasing buildings. Thus, with the use of our vast knowledge and experience in our field, we do our best to create modern and fully functional structures for them.

Our team has been working in various sizes of industrial refurbishments for many decades, and we guarantee the completion of each project within the timescale and with the highest quality possible. We are used to working in live environments without making disruptions so you can be at peace knowing that your business can still perform while we are working on your property. Among the industrial properties we refurbish include hospitals, warehouses, schools, manufacturing buildings, and more.

Our refurbishment services are also available for all sizes of commercial and household properties. Besides refurbishment, Wallace Contracts is also capable of working on different types of projects. We carry out building dilapidations, alterations, painting, and decoration. We also offer planned maintenance services to help clients secure their properties by checking and making sure that all plumbing, electrical, flooring, joinery, and other parts of their buildings are in good working condition.

Inform us about the type and size of your industrial refurbishment needs so we can create a specific plan according to your requirements and preferences. You can dial 01782 810 220 to talk to our customer service or email if you wish to contact us by email. You may also leave your information and enquiries on our contact page.

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover


For projects over circa £10,000 we offer services Nationwide.