Ibstock Brick, Stoke on Trent, Refurbishment 

We are extremely happy that we have successfully completed a comprehensive refurbishment project, for our esteemed client, Ibstock Brick, at our site in Stoke on Trent. Refurbishment mainly improved their toilets and welfare areas, and we have the pleasure to share with you that we were able to transform and upgrade their environment.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the work we undertook:

✅️ Rip out & removals

Extensive strip-out or demolition to clear the way for refurbishment.

✅️ Formation of new lab & office

Developing novel lab and office facilities customised for Ibstock Brick.

✅️ New drainage installation for new toilet & shower layouts

Construction measures including the installation of sophisticated drainage systems for new arrangements of toilets and showers.

✅️ Brick up old entrances and windows

Sealing old doorways and curtained window frames for more security and aesthetics.

✅️ Stud wall installations, boarding & plastering

Heavy stud walls are installed then boarded off professionally and plastered for a finished look.

✅️ New toilets, sinks, urinals

Installation of state-of-the-art sanitation fixtures, ensuring modern and efficient facilities.

✅️ New walk-in showers with white rock walls

The modern walk-in shower design, including the latest Wheriteck walls.

✅️ New IPS Units, Cubicles, and Vanity Units

Addition of IPS units, stylish cubicles, and functional vanity units for improved functionality.

✅️ New Kitchen

Building a new updated and well-tooled kitchen for the staff’s meals.

✅️ New Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceiling installation and a stylish facelift for the refurbished spaces.

✅️ Electrical Installations Including Lighting and New Power Supplies:

Installation of new lighting fixtures and supply points for increased efficiency and aesthetic purposes.

✅️ New Water Tank

The installation of a new water tank for continuous water services across the unit.

✅️ New Doors and Frames

Door replacements for better safety plus the match with the whole look.

✅️ Painting & Decorating

The refreshment program includes applying new coats of paint and detailed decoration to create vitality and a visual continuum in the zones.

✅️ Vinyl Flooring Installation:

Used durable and attractive vinyl flooring with a polished finish.

✅️ Deep Cleaning:

Complete deep cleaning with the aim of ensuring that the space is completely spick-and-span.

The feedback from the staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with everyone expressing their delight at the transformation of their work environment. We are pleased to have successfully delivered a project that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of Ibstock Brick.