How Lighting Affects Your Room’s Paint Colour

Choosing the perfect colour for your room is an exciting yet exhausting task. With so many colour options available, it can be pretty overwhelming to decide which one to use.   Despite all the seemingly endless amount of time deliberating over which paint colour to use, you were disappointed with the result. Your expectations were not met. You end up thinking that you might have made the wrong decision to choose that colour, seeing that they aren’t as attractive as they look online or in catalogs.  How to choose paint colour  When choosing your paint, it is crucial to understand that aside from the colour, their lighting also affects your painting project’s final result. For this reason, you have to consider the kind and amount of light your room receives, whether artificial or natural. You also have to consider the amount of light that enters.  To pick the perfect paint colour, avoid buying the 1litre paint pot right away. Instead, buy those little paint samples first to see how the colour would look like in person. Then visualise how the colour will turn out when applied to your wall.   Another thing you can do is to download a phone application (ex: My RoomPainter, etc.) that will let you take a photo of your room and provide colour suggestions according to the image. But keep in mind that these suggestions from phone applications will not be a hundred percent viable.  How lighting and room orientation affects paint colour  Many people are unaware that the direction of light and the orientation of the room affect the paint colour. Here are the facts you need to know in order for you to make the right decision in choosing your room’s paint colour.  East and West Facing Rooms  Since the direction of the sunlight moves throughout the day, the lighting environment for both east and westfacing rooms can vary depending on the time of the day. Eastfacing rooms have more natural lighting every morning and turn darker during the afternoon and nighttime. In contrast, westfacing rooms are darker in the morning and turn brighter in the afternoon.  Southfacing rooms  If your room is facing south, you have the freedom to choose any colour and tone because your room is drained of sunlight. You can go for a more vibrant or daring colour tone without any worries. If you prefer a more relaxing environment, you might find combining green and blue or other cooler shades for a more pleasant atmosphere.  North Facing Rooms  If you have a northfacing room, you will find it challenging to select the colour because of the limited amount of light coming through. Instead of using cooler shades, you can opt for warm tones and pair them with warmer undertones to create an ideal, comfortable environment. 
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