Golden Lane Housing

Golden Lane Housing, Huntingdon, Refurbishment

Golden Lane Housing

As part of Wallace Contract’s ongoing endeavours towards an inclusive and disabled-friendly living space, five bungalows were converted into 2-bed units, each providing care and including adaptions for mobility needs. This project was more than a refurbishing as it sought to ensure that everyone who lives in the building is able to feel comfortable, safe, and accommodated.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the works undertaken:

✅️ Level Access Wet Rooms

Access to level access wet rooms would guarantee a barrier-free and safe bathing environment for residents with mobility problems.

✅️ Kitchen Installations

Modern and fully-equipped kitchens tailored specifically for the care facility’s operation yet stylish.

✅️ Drainage System

The installation of a perfect drainage system has led to controlling water flow and the prevention of possible problems that are a major part of the overall stability of the nursing home.

✅️ UPVC Windows and French Doors

Installation of better and stronger window frames of uPVC that ensure good insulation and protection from intruders. The use of French doors also makes the rooms more attractive.

✅️ Composite Doors

To ensure the safety, comfort, and security of residents, as well as energy efficiency, and weather resistivity, we installed composite doors into the property.

✅️ New Heating System with LST Covers

Golden Lane Housing

New heating system with low surface temperature (LST) covers – for promoting residents’ health and security and comfortable living conditions.

✅️ Fire Detection System

A modern fire detection system will also be integrated into the project so that residents can expect rapid and efficient firefighting services in case of emergencies.

✅️ Electrical Alterations and Upgrades

Broad electrical changes/updates that cater specifically to the care environment, including the provision of accessible sockets and toggles.

✅️ Flooring Installation

Choosing appropriate flooring materials that are safe, easy to maintain, and good-looking in order to facilitate comfortable living.

✅️ Decoration

Improving aesthetic aspects by careful decoration in order to provide a cozy environment within the nursing home.

✅️ Access Ramps, Pathways, and Patio

Building up access ramps and ways for wheelchair users to move smoothly facilitates independence. The second aspect was the addition of the patio for the outdoor functions.

As of now, Wallace Contracts is proud to announce the successful completion of two out of the five bungalows earmarked for transformation. The ongoing commitment to the remaining three bungalows reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional living spaces that promote inclusivity and elevate the quality of life for all residents.