Creative Ways to Make Home Feel Like Spring 

As the long winter season finally makes its way out, we are now more than ecstatic to welcome the spring season, which often signifies a new start. With the temperature gradually increasing, so does our desire and need to transform our home to welcome the warm season ahead. 

Thinking or reorganising your home for the upcoming spring? Here are some creative ideas to help you achieve in bringing the spring season home. 

Spring cleaning 

This well-known tradition should not be missed whenever the spring season is coming. Although some of us hate doing spring cleaning, this is an important thing to do to eliminate the winter’s mess which includes the grimes and soot accumulated during the cold months. 

Rearrange furniture 

After cleaning, rearranging your furniture is what you should do next. Moving your furniture around will give your home a new look and environment, and the feeling of having a brand new home. Plus, it will not cost you anything at all. 

Refurbish your home’s interior 

Redecorating your home’s interior is one of the sure ways to bring in the spring season. Heavy fabrics, wool curtains and velvet toss cushions should be put into the storage and exchanged with thinner and lighter materials. You can use natural materials such as linen and cotton to bring in the spring feeling inside your home. 

Add vibrant colours 

Colours also play a huge role in how your home feels. The winter season is usually associated with darker and dull colours because they absorb light and keep you warm.  

As for the spring season, the light shades of any colour can make your home brighter and livelier. By incorporating bright colours such as cushions, curtains, and decors into your interiors, you will surely achieve in giving your home the spring feeling. 

Bring in fresh flowers 

What is spring without flowers blooming around? Yes, to achieve a spring feeling in your home, you need to bring in flowers. Spending on a few fresh flowers each week is not just effective in making home feel like spring, but it can also help in bringing life to your home and brightening your mood.  

Hang plant baskets 

Besides buying and bringing in fresh flowers, another way to make your home feel like spring is to hang plant baskets. It is important to note that indoor and outdoor hanging plants are different. Self-watering baskets are what you need indoors as they barely need watering, thus minimising mess and watering chores. 

Create an indoor herb garden 

Parsley and coriander are just two of the herb plants you can bring in for your mini indoor herb garden. Just like flowers, herbs can also add a sense of new life to your home. But besides giving you a fresh home environment, a mini indoor herb garden can also save you money on your grocery bills. 

Store your winter-scented candles 

Mulled wine, cinnamon, and spiced apple are scents usually associated with winter. Therefore, it is good to keep your winter-scented candles in storage until you need to use them again in the next winter season.  

Shop for cotton or garden type scents to switch your home into spring mode. Scents like lavender, fruit, flower, and ocean are some of the most popular scents in the spring season. 

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