Creative Ideas in Decorating Small Areas at Home 

Unlike larger spaces, the small areas in our home are often the most challenging to decorate. The limited amount of space often gives us minimal options when it comes to choosing furniture, colour, and other decors. Without careful and detailed consideration, you might end up making the small space feel smaller and closed in. 
Are you having a hard time decorating small spaces at home? Check out this article for reliable and practical tips. 
  • Hallways 
Since most hallways are dark and narrow, using light and bright colours for decorations would make a perfect choice. This doesn’t mean that you will have to stick to white colours though. Many property owners and decorators use pale aqua colour in painting hallway walls and have successfully created a sense of light and brightness. 
  • Study room 
Gone are the days when we always see bold colours as inappropriate for small spaces. These days, decorators use bold colours in small doses to create a great impression on a seemingly small and dull area, like study rooms.   Since most walls are painted in white and other pale colours, you can use bold accent colours in some areas of the wall or decorations such as picture rails or shelves. To avoid overwhelming your room with different bold colours, consider using the same colours for the accessories. 
  • Kitchen 
While some homeowners have large kitchens, many are struggling with how to decorate their small kitchen areas. While using white paint can definitely give a bright and lighter environment, this does not mean you should use white in all the areas. Adding a few interesting bold and dark colours can make a huge addition to your small kitchen’s aesthetics. 
  • Small bedrooms 
Instead of going all white on your small bedroom walls, you can substitute it with soft neutral colours such as pale gray and mink. Like white, these colours can make your space look more spacious. They also add more depth and interest to the room’s aesthetics. You may also paint walls alternatively with white and other neutral colours if you don’t want to use a single colour on all walls. 
  • Bathrooms 
If you think that there is no way you can make your small bathroom functional and stylish at the same time, you are definitely wrong.  By combining white and soft shades for the walls and ceiling, you can turn your unattractive bathroom into a bright and spacious-looking space. You can also paint your door with vibrant paint colour to add a vibrant pop to your stylish bathroom.     
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