Common Causes of Paint Cracks

Cracking paint is among the most common problems that property owners deal with. All of us hate the sight of paint cracks and would love to solve it right away. To ensure that we won’t stumble with this kind of problem again, it is vital to be knowledgeable of the reasons why paints crack. This way, we would be able to know what didn’t go well with our previous painting project and avoid doing it again.

On this list are six of the most common reasons for paint cracks and how we can do to avoid them.

1. Too much of less amount of paint applied

Using too much or too little amount of paint on walls is among the most common reasons for premature paint cracks. That is why it is essential to use a precise amount of paint on your walls. To get the perfect finish, you can start by using thin, even layers of paint on the surface, and gradually adding layers to it until you achieve your desired result without using too much or too little paint on it.

2. Poor preparation

The success of any project lies in how well you prepare for the actual job. Same with painting your walls, you need to take your time preparing your surface to make sure that the paint sticks really well and won’t crack or tear off easily. Your preparation must include proper cleaning, sanding, stripping the old paint, filling the dents, and priming the surface.

3. Using cheap, second-class painting products

While we would want to save money on our painting project, choosing cheap and low-quality paint will give you a problem and will cost you even more. Because low-quality paints crack or peel easier, you will have to invest in repainting not long after. That is why you need to brush-off the idea of using cheap, low-quality paint to save money. Price isn’t always necessary, so you must select a quality, trusted, and proven paint brand.

4. Improper paint application

Incorrect application is also among the most common causes of cracking of paints. You need to ensure that the first paint layer is dried completely before applying the next layer.

5. Low adhesion

Low adhesion is also among the most common reasons why paints crack easily. There are a few factors why paints tend to not adhere properly on the surface. Among these are the wrong choice of paint product, too cold or humid surface, and surfaces that aren’t prepared well.

6. Aging paint

No matter how well your painting project was done and how excellent are the products used, the paint will definitely begin to crack when it reaches the end of its life span.

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