What Colour Is Best For Your Office?

Office colour psychology not only affects the way your staff work and how productive they can be, but it also affects how customers perceive and evaluate your business.

Colour can make us less or more productive, responsive, emotional or even hungry, so understanding the basics of colour psychology can help you to design a space that gets the most out of your employees.


What Colour Is Best For Your Office?

A colour which reconnects us to our natural surroundings green is a colour ideal for an environment where a strong sense of balance is important. Green is the colour our eye sees more than any other colour. People who like green usually are stable, balanced and described as warm and approachable. Green is also a suitable choice in offices where employees are often required to work long hours. The human eye perceives green in a way that requires no adjustment, meaning it does not contribute to eye fatigue and is beneficial to those who suffer from screen-induced eye strain.


Blue is a colour we associate with nature and therefore is a calming, relaxing colour as it brings water and summer skies to mind. Blue is also the colour to be preferred by most employees, and therefore is a good colour for offices or areas where there are a lot of people. Besides being relaxing and soothing, it also helps staff to focus and concentrate on the task in hand. The vast majority of people view blue as a positive colour, so this is a good choice for any office.


Red has been proven to energise humans by increasing heart rate, respiration and blood pressure.While this is suited to environments that require plenty of physical activity, such as a gym, red colour schemes are not suited to offices where employees may be sat at a desk for long hours, unable to release excess energy.


Yellow is said to be the best colour for areas of team work, as its bright tone can raise positivity and happiness. Yellow stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy.

However yellow is unsuitable in offices that receive plenty of natural light. Yellow reflects a lot of light and can cause eye strain by over-stimulating the eyes. This can annoy and irritate employees, significantly reducing their productivity.

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