What’s Included in Our Strip Out Service?

Property strip-out and demolition projects are often straightforward, especially if handled by experts.

At Wallace Contracts Ltd, our comprehensive demolition includes all other related services and adheres to the highest standard of health and safety. We have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and top-quality services. Our knowledge and expertise come from our long history in the trade. We offer demolition and strip-out services for all types and sizes of properties, including retail units, commercial spaces, rental properties, households, and more.

A detailed survey of the property will be performed prior to the demolition job. After the survey, a detailed plan will be created by our team of specialists. This will ensure that the project is performed according to the requirements of the property and everything is done with efficiency and punctuality. This will not only save us time but will also help property owners save money and resources.

Inclusions of Our Demolition & Strip-Out Service

Whatever clients may require on their project, our team is capable of meeting these requirements without minimising the quality. Clients can also rely on us for a quick solution for whatever hurdles may occur while working on the project. We always make sure to complete projects on time, within the budget, and with the best quality possible.

  • Our demolition and strip-out service include but is not limited to the following:
  • Removal of fixtures and fittings
  • Removal of complex flooring materials such as concrete and timber
  • Removal of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Removal of floor coverings such as carpet and linoleums
  • Removal of wall coverings such as wallpapers
  • Removal of false ceilings, and more….
  • We have a dedicated project manager to liaise with the clients, making sure that they get all the information and details they need and get their approval before starting the work.

    Handling of Hazardous Materials

    Hazardous materials such as asbestos are removed and handled safely by our expert team. Before starting, we carry out a detailed inspection and analysis of the property to plan and perform safe removal of asbestos-containing materials.

    Our Commitment to Health & Safety

    We put great value on the health and safety of all involved individuals – both our contractors and our clients. We always ensure the safety of everyone by retaining building structural integrity and making sure that everyone adheres strictly to the health and safety standards. We deliver risk assessments and secure health and safety documentation.

    Post-Demolition Clear-up

    Every demolition work comes with a large pile of waste that is why we perform a comprehensive and safe clearing up of the property. As a company committed to protecting the environment, we make sure that all recyclable wastes and materials are recycled safely.

    We offer a comprehensive range of services including full strip out, structural alterations, re-wiring including data points & lighting alterations, suspended ceilings, all types of signage including digital & window displays and internal & external decoration.

    With a dedicated project manager and detailed communication at each stage of the project, you can expect a hassle free service and a quality finish.

    Contact Wallace Contracts today to discuss your property demolition and strip-out needs.

    Tips For Refurbishing Your Business While Staying Open

    Painting and renovating can be a huge disruption to your day-to-day operations, but with careful planning and preparation the disruption can be minimised.Wallace Contracts limited have some of our top tips to consider when painting during business hours.

    1. Announcements

    Before you begin your refurbishment we recommend notifying your customers and staff of the potential issues a refurbishment can cause. Providing your employees with the correct training can maintain minimal disruption.

    Printing signs around your business and messages on all social media platforms will allow your customers to know ahead of time and reduce the potential negative reviews due to a less than perfect experience.

    Once the refurbishment is complete showcase the finished product on social media with new photos, a final update will then bring your regular customer back into your business.

    2. Should you stay open?

    Before beginning your refurbishment, you’ll need to do some groundwork into any legalities which may cause your business to temporary close. If you own a business providing customers with food and refreshments, you may not be able to stay open while staying within health and safety codes.

    3. Create an unoccupied zone

    If you have a large enough business you could create a buffer zone to separate the refurbishment area from everything else. This will help to lower noise levels, contamination and disruption to employees and customers.

    Without a buffer zone you could cause mayhem and an unorganised refurbishment that will ultimately create stress and negative reviews.

    Leave it to the experts

    If you are looking to give your business a new lease of life then get a free no obligation quote Wallace Contracts Limited. Our commercial painting experts are dedicated to making your painting refurbishment as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us on 01782 810220 or fill out our simple enquiry form for a free quote today!

    Areas We Cover

    Areas We Cover


    For projects over circa £10,000 we offer services Nationwide.