Bright Skies is the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2022

Introducing Bright Skies as the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2022. This airy, light blue signals a desire for a fresh start and a wave of hope and optimism. brigbht sky dulux colour of the year

Perfect for smaller spaces, brightening up a living room alcove, or used on the ceiling, the colour experts at Dulux describe Bright Skies as a true breath of fresh air and say decorating our homes with this colour will make us feel joyful, uplifted, optimistic and free.

Bright Skies is the 19th colour to be chosen as a Dulux Colour of the Year. It was selected by a range of experts within the fashion, interiors, architecture industries for its “soulful” qualities.

Dulux Colour of the Year always aims to capture the mood of the moment and the essence of what we want and need in our homes for the year ahead.

After a tough year of looking out of the window as we were all stuck indoors, we now have the colour we all deserve as an uplifting bright sky with an optimistic approach of the year to come.

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Is it worth paying more for Dulux paint?

The most frequently asked question we get from our customers is always “Is it worth paying more for Dulux paint?” The simple answer is yes we believe so much in the product that Wallace Contracts Ltd in 2018 became a Dulux Trade Contract Partnership.

What is the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership?

Dulux Trade Contract Partnership is an exclusive network that aims to deliver the best quality commercial decorating in the industry. Our contractors are stringently and regularly audited to make sure they meet or exceed our quality, service and sustainability criteria.

What is Dulux Paint?

Dulux has been manufactured for over 80 years and offers a variety of over 1200 colours; and you can choose from matt, silk or soft sheen (a washable, mid-sheen finish, halfway between matt and silk).

The option to choose Dulux considering all the variety and quality should, therefore, be an easy one. However, the cost compared to cheaper alternatives does deter some people from paying slightly more.

Wallace Contracts Ltd

So Why Choose Dulux?

The cheaper and thinner the paint, the more coats you’ll need to apply. Since thinner paint will need more applications than thicker, higher quality paint, more paint will need to be purchased, and more time will need to be spent painting the additional coats. This is especially the case for darker-toned colours because of the transparent base which is used to create darker-toned paint.

While light paint colours consist of a slight pigment mixed into a thick white base, darker colours cannot be mixed into a white base without becoming lighter. This may be a difficult concept to grasp until you imagine that you’re trying to buy a gallon of red paint. If the base of the paint was white, when the store clerk added red pigment, the resulting paint would be pink, not red. Thus, dark paint colours will be mixed into a transparent base.

All paint has pigments, resins and solvents in it. With Dulux paint, the pigments are smaller and purer. This gives the paint one of its main attributes: the ability to hide the surface on which it is applied. With cheap paint, the pigments are of lower quality and are larger which means you get to give the wall two coats of paint instead of just one.

Better Coverage

The inexpensive and thinner paints, the more coats you’ll need to apply. Since thinner paint will need more coats than thicker, higher quality paint, more paint will need to be purchased, and more time will need to be spent painting the additional coats. This is especially the case for darker-toned colours because of the transparent base which is used to create darker-toned paint.

Pigments give paints the ability to hide or cover the surface you are applying it to. Hence, it is very important that the paint you are using offers more pigmentation, which is usually not the case for low-quality or cheap paints. As a result, instead of saving money from cheap paints, you’ll end up buying more because more coats are needed to completely cover your wall or other areas where you’ll be applying it.

Longer Lasting

High-quality ingredients are used when creating high-quality paints. Thus, using high-quality paints on your property will give you an assurance that it is more fade-resistant, durable, and can last for a very long time, even 10 years or more.

Less Stick

One of the most dreadful experience you might encounter is having your clothes stained by paints, or if your newly-painted cabinet is difficult to open because the painted doors stuck together. This thing is unlikely to happen if you use high-quality paints as they are less likely to stick once they are dried.

Easier To Clean

If you use high-quality paints, cleaning your walls is not going to be a daunting task. Most quality paints are stain-resistant, and the dirt can be cleaned easily without the need of scrubbing, just by wiping a damp cloth with a little detergent.


It goes without saying that the painter should never underestimate the importance of correct preparation before painting as, if that factor is skimped on, the best paint in the world will not stand up to the job and the results will be poor, so whatever materials you choose to use, always prep before painting.

If painting indoors, new plaster should be allowed to dry before applying the paint and old plaster should be sanded down and dust-free, along with proper crack repairs and removal of any old remaining paint or wallpaper.

Who We Are

Formed in Stoke-on-Trent by founding Directors, Daniel and Margaret, Wallace Contracts has been successfully trading in painting and decorating since 1978. With continued expansion and investment over the last 40 years, we are a premier supplier in the Decorating, Refurbishment and Planned Maintenance Industry.

By actively selling the company’s services, Daniel and Margaret used one job to finance the next, offering customer’s high-quality, and skilled decorating services. The company’s success can be no doubt attributed to pride in completing work on time and without issue.

Our comprehensive service includes;

A beautiful end result achieved through attention to detail and quality workmanship Experienced and expert project management, delivering a customer experience that is hassle-free Highest quality products and a competent and responsible workforce Highest levels of customer service including aftercare and a 12-month quality guaranteeWhatever you’re looking for in painting and decorating Wallace Contracts Ltd will ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded with minimal disruption to your home life.