Brighten Up Your Home With These Spring Colours 

Spring season is here. There is nothing more exciting than updating and decorating your home to match it with the warmer weather. For many, upgrading their home means bringing in new plants, changing throw pillows, and lighting sweet candles – all these things are brilliant ideas.

If you are looking for another easy yet brilliant way of updating your home for the spring, you can’t go wrong with changing or tweaking its colour palette. Is it feasible? You might ask. Well, you don’t have to make these changes all over your home. You can start in some small areas like your home office or with your wall décor.

Check out this article if you are looking for brilliant and trendy colours to use with your home spring upgrade.


The refreshing and vibrant hue of the coral colour can liven up the atmosphere of the room. You can add coral-coloured wallpaper in any area you like, such as laundry room, bathroom, or home office.


You can never go wrong with white colour. If it’s impossible to go all white at home, you can add it to some of your home elements like white curtains, white linens, etc.


The happy colour, yellow, is one of the most popular spring colour this year. To brighten up any space at home, you can incorporate this colour with your pillows, throw blankets, flowers, and other small objects.

Sage/Olive Green

The green colour is the best match for the spring season, most especially the Sage green. It brings out a fresh and organic atmosphere that feels very relaxing. You can incorporate the sage green colour in both female and male-owned spaces at home.

Olive green is another colour that goes with spring. But unlike other kinds of green shades, this hue transitions well with different seasons, so it can be used all year round. Regardless of the season, having olive green-coloured upholstery or paint paired with indoor plants can create a bright and comfortable atmosphere at home.


Blush is another popular colour that works with all kinds of seasons. But this timeless colour exudes a more refreshing and attractive beauty during spring. Since it is a neutral tone, it provides a warm and vibrant atmosphere without being so exaggerated.


Camel is a popular choice for sofas and chairs nowadays. This trendy light-tone colour suits well in warmer months, especially when paired with natural materials, such as rattan or wood decors.

Bright Blue

The popularity of the Bright Blue colour continues this year. Pairing it with green will give a refreshing outdoor vibe. This versatile colour can play with any style.


Ultimate Gray is Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2021. This popular hue is perfect for the spring season as it encourages feelings of steadiness and composure. Pairing it with yellow or bright Fuschia will give a cheerful spring vibe in your bedroom, home office, or other areas at home.

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