How Painting Your Home Can Increase Its Value

Selling your property at a price that is more than when you bought it is one of the most satisfying feelings a property owner can ever experience. This does not only give you a sense of accomplishment with the fact that you have the ability to improve your home and make the right investments with the updates/upgrades you made, but it will also give you enough resources and confidence that you can also do the same for your new home.

Many owners think that adding a new kitchen, bathroom, garage, and other huge investments is the only key to increasing their home’s value. While the property market is very unpredictable and uncontrollable, there are so many things you can do to add value to your home and sell it for a great price. Even a few renovations such as sprucing up an unused loft space or changing the wall paints can make a successful home sale.

Let Painting Do Its Magic

A dull and colourless home exterior can easily put off the interest of potential buyers, whether they saw your listing online or in flesh. But a fresh exterior is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Painting can add around 2% additional value to your home and a pretty or spruced-up exterior adds another 2% to its price.

One of the sure ways to increase your home exterior’s value is to paint the walls with pastel colours. These colours can blend with the street and at the same time make your property look unique and interesting in the eyes of potential buyers.

But while it has been proven that a painting can make a difference in your home’s value, you can add more value to your home with the right kind and colour of paint.

How the Right Painting Selection Can Boost Your Home’s Value

One of the biggest factors when buying homes over the recent years is the energy efficiency of the building that it overtook other factors such as space, light, and character features.

Staying in a house that does not retain heat during the winter season or paying a huge amount on energy bills doesn’t sound interesting at all. To make your home sellable, you need to point out its energy-saving features – and the paint could be one of them.

Investing in a wall coating is a little more effective and attractive to buyers. This type of specialist painting is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects and boosts the energy-saving performance of a building.

As soon as the wall coating is applied to your walls, you will notice a huge difference almost in an instant. The moisture that usually seeps through the masonry surface will drain off and the heat on the walls will start to stay longer. The dirt that usually sticks to the walls very easily will now just wash away.

If you are looking to put your home on the market, investing in a wall coating will surely make a difference.

Creative Ways to Make Home Feel Like Spring 

As the long winter season finally makes its way out, we are now more than ecstatic to welcome the spring season, which often signifies a new start. With the temperature gradually increasing, so does our desire and need to transform our home to welcome the warm season ahead. 

Thinking or reorganising your home for the upcoming spring? Here are some creative ideas to help you achieve in bringing the spring season home. 

Spring cleaning 

This well-known tradition should not be missed whenever the spring season is coming. Although some of us hate doing spring cleaning, this is an important thing to do to eliminate the winter’s mess which includes the grimes and soot accumulated during the cold months. 

Rearrange furniture 

After cleaning, rearranging your furniture is what you should do next. Moving your furniture around will give your home a new look and environment, and the feeling of having a brand new home. Plus, it will not cost you anything at all. 

Refurbish your home’s interior 

Redecorating your home’s interior is one of the sure ways to bring in the spring season. Heavy fabrics, wool curtains and velvet toss cushions should be put into the storage and exchanged with thinner and lighter materials. You can use natural materials such as linen and cotton to bring in the spring feeling inside your home. 

Add vibrant colours 

Colours also play a huge role in how your home feels. The winter season is usually associated with darker and dull colours because they absorb light and keep you warm.  

As for the spring season, the light shades of any colour can make your home brighter and livelier. By incorporating bright colours such as cushions, curtains, and decors into your interiors, you will surely achieve in giving your home the spring feeling. 

Bring in fresh flowers 

What is spring without flowers blooming around? Yes, to achieve a spring feeling in your home, you need to bring in flowers. Spending on a few fresh flowers each week is not just effective in making home feel like spring, but it can also help in bringing life to your home and brightening your mood.  

Hang plant baskets 

Besides buying and bringing in fresh flowers, another way to make your home feel like spring is to hang plant baskets. It is important to note that indoor and outdoor hanging plants are different. Self-watering baskets are what you need indoors as they barely need watering, thus minimising mess and watering chores. 

Create an indoor herb garden 

Parsley and coriander are just two of the herb plants you can bring in for your mini indoor herb garden. Just like flowers, herbs can also add a sense of new life to your home. But besides giving you a fresh home environment, a mini indoor herb garden can also save you money on your grocery bills. 

Store your winter-scented candles 

Mulled wine, cinnamon, and spiced apple are scents usually associated with winter. Therefore, it is good to keep your winter-scented candles in storage until you need to use them again in the next winter season.  

Shop for cotton or garden type scents to switch your home into spring mode. Scents like lavender, fruit, flower, and ocean are some of the most popular scents in the spring season. 

Wallace Contracts 

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Mood-Boosting Paint Colour Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

Choosing the paint colour for your walls is one of the major decisions you have to make when building or refurbishing your home. While some already have certain colours in their mind, others are more thorough and careful when it comes to choosing the right colour.

Several scientific studies have proven that colours have a huge impact on our mood and overall health. This is the reason why choosing a wall paint colour should be carefully decided.

When choosing the right wall paint colour, a variety of factors have to be considered. This includes the existing furniture and decorations in your home and the kind of light that gets inside. And the most important factor – the combination of colours and decors should reflect your personality.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right paint colour for your walls, here are some tips to help you out.

Check your wardrobe

One of the tips we got from experts is to take out your favourite outfits – the ones that you love wearing the most. Choose one or two shades from your favourite outfits and use a colour chart to build a colour scheme by matching your outfit’s colours with the paint shades.

Choose inspirational paint colours

Another valuable tip is to choose colours that tell a story. Just like how colours are used to set the mood in a movie, different paint colours can also trigger different types of emotions. Always choose a colour that could make you feel inspired and relaxed.

Use a little experiential psychology

Some colours can remind you of things from the past and you can utilize them when choosing a paint colour for your walls. By choosing colours that could remind you of the happiest moments of your life, you can have those happy feelings recreated in your home.

Use colours to zone your room creatively

You can also utilize point colours to create zones or separate the areas in your room. You can use a certain colour to define the corner that you will be using as a study area and another colour for your relaxation spot. You can use colours creatively to make your room bigger, fresher, and more relaxing.

How colours look equates to how they feel

Nobody wants a rough surface under their toes or fingers. The same principle applies to paint colours. To create an ideal and relaxing space inside your room, you should choose paints with visual softness. These types of paints will make an ideal background and could go along with various types of decorations.

If you are still having a hard time choosing the paint colour for your next refurbishment project, contact us at Wallace Contracts for help. Our painting and decorating specialists offer expert advice and services to help you create your dream space.

Make Your Room Look Bigger with These Creative Painting Ideas

Working or moving in a small room can be very uncomfortable. If you are living in a small space, you have no choice but to make use of every space you have. But with a few interior design know-how and tricks, you can make your room look bigger than it actually looks. Many small space owners have adopted a variety of techniques to make their room look bigger and you can also incorporate their ideas with yours.

By adapting colour techniques, using creative lighting, furniture arrangement, and placing mirrors in certain areas, you can successfully make your small room look bigger. Check out these creative ideas to achieve that.

Use Light Colours

One of the secrets of interior designing is to use colours to achieve the desired look. If you want a small space to look bigger, go for light and bright colours. The more the light reflects, the more it gives an illusion that a space is huge.

By painting walls with light and bright colours, you can achieve an open and airy feeling inside your space as it maximises the effect of normal light that goes inside the room. Since light colours are highly reflective, they can maximise the viewing distance making your room look bigger.

You can use lighter colours when painting your walls, trims, and mouldings to make your room bigger than its original edges. With the right colour effect, you can achieve in making your walls look very far.

Be Creative with the Lighting

While it is best to have natural light inside the room, not everyone has the privilege of getting rooms that have very good natural lighting. In this case, you can use creative lighting fixtures to make your room look bigger. Through creative planning, you can achieve in creating light effects that could give an illusion of having more space inside your room.

Keep your room organised

Small spaces can look smaller and cramped if it is messy and unorganised. By cleaning up and arranging the space, you can achieve in making it look bigger than it actually is. Avoid covering your walls with a lot of pictures and small paintings. Instead, you can opt for a single big painting on your wall. Keep the floors neat and clean by eliminating large mattes and carpets. This way, you can create an illusion that the room is bigger than its actual appearance.

Create a focal point

By creating a focal point inside a small room, you can make your room look bigger as you are directing everyone’s attention to that certain part of the room. You can do it by putting eye-catching, smartly arranged furniture on a specific area, be it a table, bed, or any furniture you want to highlight in your room. Then keep other furniture simple or minimal looking.

Install mirrors

A lot of people are not aware that putting mirrors in a small space can make the room appear bigger. Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light and can make an effective illusion to make the room look bigger. Placing a mirror in the right place, such as near a window, can enhance the brightness of your during the day and even at night.

You can also install mirrors on your walls, or use glassed top tables and mirrored cabinet doors to make your room look more open and spacious.

Consider multifunctional furniture

Using multifunctional furniture can save you space and make your room bigger. Consider using a sofa bed with built-in drawers or decorating your dining area with expandable or folding tables. As much as possible, avoid using bulky furniture and appliances to avoid making your room cramped up.

Following some or all the creative tips mentioned in this blog will help you achieve in making your small room look bigger. If you need help from experts, you may also contact us at Wallace Contracts for a guaranteed reliable and cost-effective solution to your interior decorating needs.

Painting & Decorating Tips That Could Add Value to Your Home

Making some changes and improvements to your home can give you a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. But while there are a lot of things you can do to change your home environment, not all of these can add value to your home.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and money-worthy update to do to your home, this article can help you. The list below are some painting and decorating tips that could add make your home more impactful and valuable.

Kitchen makeover

Referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home that needs to get a constant update. As it sets the tone for the entire house, a well-maintained and updated kitchen can increase your comfort and enjoyment. It also plays a huge role in the resale value of your home.

Doing some repainting or small changes in your kitchen cabinets and walls can make a huge difference and could impact your home’s value.

Fresh Paint

Besides updating the look of your home and making it more aesthetically appealing, fresh paint can also increase your home’s resale value. Although repainting is an investment, it can pay off in the end as it can make your house look like it has been properly maintained and taken cared of.

Use lighter shades of paint

If you are looking for a new colour palette for your home’s repainting with the goal to increase its value, going for a lighter shade will never fail you. Lighter shades have always been on top of the game when it comes to attracting attention and interest.

By using off-white and other neutral shades, buyers and visitors can easily envision their own colours and decorations by just having a look at your home. It can also provide them with the freedom to try out various decorating ideas.

Don’t forget your windows

The purpose of windows is not just to increase your home’s energy efficiency. It also plays a massive role in making your home look good and with the help of natural light, it is often the first thing that people focus on.

If your windows need an update, you have to ensure that they are well-balanced and have equal sight-lines. Also, as simple as getting fresh paint, highlighting the trim for colour, or investing in double-glazed windows are all effective in increasing the value of your home.

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